Betta Batteries Middle East

Who is Selcoms-I?

Selcoms-I was established in May 2011 by two entrepreneurs with a long history in telecoms from both an operations and vendor perspective. They recognized a niche in the market for providing services to Mobile Telecoms Operators and other businesses to reduce Capex and Opex spend on Technical Spares procurement, logistics, management, warehousing and disposal, streamlining the business processes and improving the bottom line.

 It took two years of dedicated relationship building to develop the concept with some Middle East based mobile telecoms operators, investing substantial time and money. During this time the founders of Selcoms-I continued to provide general business consulting and business development in Africa and the Middle East for telecoms equipment vendors.

In 2013 the concept finally took off as the rapid growth in the mobile telecoms markets started to peak and slow and operators recognized the need to reduce their cost base. As we continued to work with this client to implement the solutions we recognised a need for better solutions.

In 2016 we had the opportunity to leverage our network and client base to provide them with energy storage solutions through a partnership with Betta Batteries, the exclusive manufacturer of the unique Lead Crystal Battery technology, to become the Regional Distributor for Betta Batteries in the MENASA region. Following a year of hard work the brand name Lead Crystal Batteries is now well known in the region. Through the related scaled storage solutions of Hybrid Energy for kW scale home and business and TidalWave containerised solutions for MW scale solutions, we now offer an extensive portfolio of energy storage solutions across a range of requirements to our client base, of which the Lead Crystal Batteries continue to sit at the heart of our energy storage solutions with an unbeatable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

 With our regional network of distributors and integrator partners in Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Pakistan we reach deep into the region through local based partners who understand the complexities of each market and continue to expand our partnerships and we find reliable trusted local partners with extensive connections and a customer service mindset.


Mr. Jeremy Nel | Co-Founder and Executive Director

Energetic hands on C suite executive and experienced deal-maker with extensive start up fund raising, and business development experience across various countries, cultures and industries.

With wide-ranging start up experience Mr Nel is skilled and experienced in developing systems and processes from scratch to guide the business through the start up phase, then develop them during the lifetime of the business to keep them relevant.


His extensive business experience allows him to understand the core business drivers and focus on the core issues to solve problems. His extensive experience in training staff for start up businesses allows him to understand the importance of good training, processes and procedures, and systems to guide the operations. Having worked in the technology sector since the early 1980’s he has a good grasp of most technologies and an ability to understand the basics and drivers very quickly. This helps us to understand the core business drivers of our clients and ensure that we tailor our solutions to suit their business needs, not redefine the client’s needs to fit into our solutions.

Mr. Rob Mortimer | Co-Founder and Executive Director

He has over 20 years of telecoms technology installations, repairs, maintenance and sales behind him. This knowledge and skills gives him the ability to analyze and understand business needs and issues, while finding and applying solutions. Extremely business aware, customer centric, consistent over achiever and exceptionally driven to deliver real solutions. 

His natural curiosity leads him to continuously analyze business operations to see where improvements can be made to help the business drive success. This helps him understand their business and solution needs, and to address those needs, rather than just sell set products or services. His technical knowledge is exceptionally high and therefore he is able to understand cross platform solutions and integration across a variety of technologies and how to develop a suitable solution.

Mr. Simon Hodgkins | Non Executive Director

An executive with extensive experience including strategic and operational leadership within the Software, SaaS, Cloud, ISP, Hosting, Digital, Web, Mobile, Telecoms & Technology related sectors. A proven track record of growing organisations from start-up to significant scale and also leading large scale businesses.