Cash in Transit gets a green BOOSTplus

30.04.20 08:08 AM

Reducing OPEX & increasing performance in Cash in Transit

Cash Services or Cash-in-Transit was considered a critical and essential service even before the COVID-19 crisis. Ensuring cash is collected from and delivered to retailers and restocking of exchange bureaus and ATM cash machines needs to happen to keep economies moving and ensure people can get at their cash whenever needed. 

The logistics of this service are tough, from security to planning and then to the vehicles and cash movement itself. This is before considering the stress of additional weight, idle time and routing on the vehicles. 

Going green and increasing fuel economy for this kind of service is next to impossible, right? 

Adding in BOOSTplus Fuel Additive to their Petrol & Diesel fleet saw one local company achieve just this. Through trials on three different vehicle types, an average combined fuel economy increase of 26.7% was achieved, on a mix of 37.5% Diesel engines & 62.5% petrol - a fair representation of the fleet. This equates to an increase of range per 117 litre tank of petrol from 250km to 320km - adding in an increased safety factor and saving more than 30 litres of fuel ($18 per tank fill at local fuel price) with just 40ml ($2.39) of additive required to achieve this after clean-up. 

The effect on Carbon emissions is significant too, with more than 72.1kg of CO2e (2.31kg/l on Petrol) reduced per fill by not burning 30 litres of fuel. 

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