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05.05.20 01:27 PM

Local motorcycle delivery company, HeyMove, #addBOOSTplus & save.

When we saw the efforts local Dubai businessman, Mr. Valy Ossman, was making to support the Expat community with his facemask initiative, we couldn't let the opportunity go without trying to #payitforward as well. On contacting Valy to understand more about his business and how we might be able to help, the Scotsman quickly pointed us in the direction of the owner of a 27 motorbike delivery team, HeyMove. 

Operating a fleet of Honda CB Unicorn 150's, keeping the riders operational and reducing OPEX as much as possible while staying safe is the primary concern of owner, Mr. Arsalan Ahmed. With a 13 litre fuel tank, HeyMove's riders are filling up between 15 - 20 times each, per month. 

With Valy's support & guidance, We've gifted Mr. Arsalan (pictured) enough additive to treat his whole fleet for two months during these difficult times. In this picture, he can be seen injecting the 12ml additive shot into one of his fleet bikes. 

The single cylinder, 4 stroke machines are reliable and sturdy workhorses, but also a significant contributor to pollution in many cities in the Middle East & South East Asian regions. Our goal was to reduce the fuel consumption and recover cash for this essential service, while reducing emissions and cutting pollution for all. With a fuel price of around $0.51c per litre, it's hard to imagine significant savings are possible, however Arsalan's fuel spend can be up to AED 12,055.00 per month. A 20% NETT saving recovers AED 2,411.00 per month into the small business and quickly generates reserve cash for HeyMove's expansion plans and stop paying full price at the pump, needlessly. 

How do the numbers add up?

Cost per fill: $6.05c per tank

Cost for additive on #cleanup (1000km): $0.72c per fill

Cost for additive #postcleanup: $0.24c per fill

Projected savings (20%): $1.21c per fill

Recorded savings (25.6%): $1.54c per fill

Retained savings: $1.30c per fill (21.5% NETT)

The impact on the environment? 7kg of CO2e saved, per tank, per rider. That's 3.82 Tonnes of CO2e and 60-80% NOx removed from HeyMove's fleet per month, every month. Now Foodshack & HeyMove are #payingitforward to us all too! 

And a final quick shout out to our friend and community supporter, Valy, who has kindly agreed to support our efforts in supplying the takeaway and restaurant delivery community through his businesses (best British style Kebabs and Curries in Dubai) and using #addBOOSTplus in his family Blinds & Curtains business in their measuring & delivery/ installation fleet. 

Pictured, Mr. Valy Ossman, wearing one of the 1000's of masks he's gifted to the local community. 

Don't forget to checkout the BOOSTplus website and visit our #addBOOSTplus calculator to discover what our additive can save your operation! 

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