Green Mountains - Scania G-410

29.04.20 09:41 AM

BOOSTplus Fuel Additive takes on Mountains 

BOOSTplus additive is being trialled by one of the leading Waste Management companies in the UAE, Green Mountains. With a fleet of Waste Collection vehicles that experience very high idling and low speed/ low rpm driving, reducing fuel consumption & maintaining a cleaner, more efficient engine was thought near impossible. 

Anton Sudarev - Engineering Supervisor, Green Mountains,

"We’ve tried fuel additives before at Green Mountains, so when the Selcoms team contacted us to introduce BOOSTplus we were a little sceptical. 

After trialling in a Scania G-410 refuse collection truck, the 8% trial guarantee was quickly passed and after less than two weeks of clean-up, the vehicle achieved an increase of fuel economy of 19%, from 2.4km/l to 2.85km/l, exactly in line with the BOOSTplus team’s projection of 15-20%. 

Now we are moving on to prove the additive in other fleet vehicles, before full deployment. As Green Mountains is an environmentally conscious company, we’re delighted that we’re also saving 15-20% CO2e (reduced consumption) as well as 60-80% reduction in NOx."

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