Open Letter to the CEO and CFO

29.04.20 08:31 AM

Tired of your fleet costs being a black-box?

Would you like to understand and control it? Always been told it is a ‘fixed cost’ – it cannot be changed?

Selcoms works as a partner to help you find solutions. Our solutions are based on BOOSTplus fuel additive. Although it works well on petrol or gasoline engines, it excels in diesel engines by: 

            1.Reducing your fuel costs by up to 20% - all engines, 

            2.Reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 20% - all engines, 

            3.Reduce your diesel particulate emissions by up to 80% (tests done on stationary diesel generators). 

So where is the catch? How expensive is this solution? It isn’t.

You invest at the start of month 1 from your fuel budget. By the end of month 1 your fuel budget and cash flow is unchanged if implemented properly – ROI in one month. From month 2 you have a reduction in operating costs of up to 20%.

Resistance from staff comes from:

1.General resistance to change and tradition – ‘we’ve always done it this way’

2.People set in their ways – this requires some change and effort

3.Greater control in the form of KPI’s are not always welcome

4.In some extreme cases resistance from drivers where fuel sometimes goes ‘walk-about’ into other fuel tanks. KPI’s and more intense monitoring are unwelcome so they will deliberately set about to scuttle implementation because it affects their cashflow negatively.

Been told that vehicle idling is ‘impossible to control’? It isn’t. We’ve worked with clients and from data we have plus research data from the US Department of Energy we can calculate and separate out your fuel consumption from idling and driving in an urban delivery cycle. This data starts to give you control over previously uncontrollable aspects of your fleet. If you now have idling monitors installed in your fleet, you can separate out idling costs from driving costs and improve your understanding of the “black-box”. Some fleets and vehicles already do.

We are not just another vendor. We partner with you to shine some light into the workings of the black box. To give you back control. To reduce your fleet operating expenses by up to 20%. To reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 20% and particulate emissions by 60 to 80% depending on the condition of your fleet.

Improve your bottom line by the amount of your reduced fleet operating costs. Financial benefits and environmental contribution all in one. Done and dusted.

Worth looking into?

Let us know your thoughts!