BOOSTplus Cash Recovery Calculator

02.05.20 02:59 PM

Looking to make difficult decisions & cuts to your fixed cost? 
​What difference would 15-20% reduction in your fuel 'fixed costs' make?

Edward de Bono said famously said in the 1970’s:  “You can analyse the past, but you have to design the future. That is the difference between suffering the future and enjoying it.”

Covid-19 has thrown the world as we know it into disarray. The future we planned 6 months ago no longer exists. The businesses that survive, will be the ones that use their creativity to redesign their future. From the same man:  “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

When the economy is hit by such a massive unforeseeable downturn and the scale and duration is unknown, the business needs to find new ways to adapt and survive. The old paradigms and business models will no longer work.

BOOSTplus reduces fuel consumption AND improves emissions reductions. The current business climate creates the business rationale for instituting this opportunity, not for walking away from it. Using this opportunity to recover cash that has to be spent anyway to continue running the business, makes absolute business sense. BOOSTplus offers a creative new way of looking at the operations, and improving cashflow, without causing any loss of experience and expertise and without any adverse impact on the operations.

Cash Recovery - Lite

Calculate for yourself, with your own numbers, and discover the 'Fixed Cost' cash recovery opportunity for your organisation. Just come ready with your monthly fuel cost, your monthly fuel consumption (litres), and dial in your expected savings. We'll even tell you how much CO2 you're generating and how much you can save. On trials, BOOSTplus guarantees 8% fuel economy increase or you get your trial money back. In our experience, most fleets should be looking at achieving on average 15-20%. Every month. Ongoing.

BOOSTplus Cash Recovery - Lite

The full version of the calculator gives far greater insight into your operation and the impact of fuel consumption reduction on your cash flow, profitability and expected ROI. This version is available online on request, just click the link, or ask your BOOSTplus partner. 

BOOSTplus Cash Recovery - Full