• BOOSTplus starts where injector cleaners stop!

    Injector cleaners DON'T change the fuel composition for a more efficient burn. That is why they can only reduce 3-5% fuel consumption.

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  • BOOSTplus removes up to 80% of particulate emissions. 

    By ensuring more of the fuel is efficiently burnt inside the combustion chamber, less NOx & SOx are present in the exhaust

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  • 100% Natural Ingredients

    BOOSTplus is a plant (Ester) based fuel enhancer. When added to fuel, the unique combination of fatty acids attach to the fuel molecule and increase the fuel surface area for better combustion

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  • BOOSTplus Fuel Additive - As big as you dare!

    BOOSTplus Sustainable Fuel Enhancer works in all types of Petrol &  Diesel Engines. The bigger the engine, the bigger the savings!

  • BOOSTplus reduces particulate emissions by up to 80%

    BOOSTplus Sustainable Fuel Enhancer works in all types of Petrol & Diesel Engines. The bigger the engine, the bigger the fuel & emissions savings!


What is BOOSTplus?

It is a fuel enhancing supplement  that reduces #fossilfuel consumption by up to 20%, which reduces the CO2 #emissions by the same value. It does not store it, or sequester it, it simply cuts the output by 20% through more efficient combustion and increased power to the vehicle. Most vehicles only combust an average of 75% of the fuel in the engine and the unburnt part that does not convert to carbon deposits in the engine is then converted by the heat in the exhaust system, simply generating more heat with no other benefit – wasted energy. By reducing the unburnt part of the fuel, the vehicle now has the full benefit of the energy from each litre of fuel consumed available as power to the engine. Nothing wasted.

In the case of diesel, through the above process of improved efficiency, diesel now produces less other particulate emissions, in particular particulate aromatic hydrocarbon emissions, because we help the aromatic hydrocarbons to combust more effectively. Less NOx is produced from unburnt fuel in the exhaust system and during combustion. Idling is known to significantly worsen the production of NOx in vehicles. Because we improve the combustion process and very little unburnt fuel not exits the combustion chamber, there is less possibility for the formation of harmful emissions.

100% ​Natural

BOOSTplus is 100% natural with no synthetic chemicals added. When it combusts, it adds no new emissions or unknown chemicals as it is 97% fatty acid methyl esters (FAME), from 100% natural sustainably farmed and produced palm oil. It is simply an fatty acid ester based hydrocarbon chain, similar to what is in #fossilfuels, but with a few extra oxygen molecules.

This acts as a natural lubricant (refineries add FAME to their fuels to improve the lubricity lost from removing the sulphur from the fuel), and it is also a natural detergent. Once we have taken your engine through the clean-up phase, this will help to keep it clean from carbon deposits. All 100% naturally.

97% Palm Oil

That has been sustainably farmed, and helps to reduce the demand for both #fossilfuel and palm oil. How? Because it reduces fuel burn by up to 20% through enhanced combustion, but also, instead of using B20 biofuel using 200ml of palm oil added to 800ml to gain a similar benefit, you only need 1.25ml of BOOSTplus added to 1,000ml of fossil fuel.

 Just think of how much less crops are needed and how much further the existing crops can go if 0.625% can have a better impact than 20%? A more efficient and effective use of the resource.

3% Active Ingredients

The magic sits in the little bit of bioactive components added to the mix. This firstly attaches to the carbon deposits in the engine, helps to break it up by adsorption, allowing it to break the bond to the metal surfaces, then wraps it and allows it to harmlessly exit the engine through the exhaust. 

In the second phase it remains attached to the complex aromatic ring molecules in the fuel providing more surface area for interaction with oxygen and hence to combust more efficiently. This now releases the energy from the fuel in the engine, instead of it being wasted as heat in the exhaust. THAT is what you paid for, not waste heat. And that is what the 3% delivers.

100% Effective

All this little bit of magic, scientifically created from 100% natural processes and products to help reduce our consumption of #fossilfuel, reduce our emissions and help us to make the world a safer, healthier and better place.

100% efficiently

100% effective

100% natural

Magic. From Science. That improves your profits and cash flow. Naturally.

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What does BOOSTplus do?

In very simple terms the biggest problem that vehicle and truck engines have is the emissions they produce and the carbon build-up that makes them less and less fuel efficient over time or while the engine is idling and operating at lower rpm. Part of the problem comes from incomplete combustion causing carbon to build up as a by-product, clogging injector nozzles and the engine.

BOOSTplus fuel enhancer contains natural active components that cleans the engine by removing the carbon deposits, and combines with the hydrocarbons to improve atomisation during injection, improving the combustion rate from an average of 73% of each litre of fuel to over 90%, leaving less unburned fuel to create carbon deposits. This means up to 23% more fuel burned per litre than without BOOSTplus.

Reduces Carbon Build Up   

BOOSTplus fuel enhancer uses fatty acids to break down and remove carbon deposits that can build up in your engine. These deposits inhibit the clean combustion of fuel, as well as clogging the fuel injector valves – both contributors to poor engine performance, increased emissions and increased fuel consumption. 

Increases Fuel Combustion

BOOSTplus fuel enhancer improves the amount of surface area of fuel molecules that is exposed to the air. By attaching to the molecules, BOOSTplus exposes more hydrocarbons for combustion, reducing the amount of unburnt fuel, increasing efficiency and lowering emissions through cleaner burn.

Gives Extra Lubrication

As the world moves to cleaner fuels and lower Sulphur fuel becomes the standard, one of the essential ingredients for engine lubrication gets removed. Sulphur is a natural lubricant. BOOSTPlus also acts as a natural lubricant that helps to keep your engine working at optimal performance and reduced maintenance.

​How does #addBOOSTplus work?

Injector System Cleaning

BOOSTplus breaks down and removes Carbon deposits that have built up on the fuel injector systems, allowing the fuel to be correctly dispersed in the combustion chamber. Dirty fuel injectors inhibit fuel burn, increase Carbon build up and increase fuel consumption.

Valve & Piston Cleaning

In the same way as Carbon deposits are removed from the fuel injector system, BOOSTplus removes built up Carbon from the valves, pistons & chamber, allowing for optimal fuel combustion. This stops 'leaky valves' and other common problems

Fuel Molecule Attachment

BOOSTplus attaches to fuel molecules and carbon to increase the surface area for oxygen to attach to, allowing more complete combustion to occur in the combustion chamber.  Dislodged Carbon deposits will be burnt with the fuel during the clean up process.

Improved Combustion

The effect of a cleaner engine and the molecular attachment allows for a more complete burn of the fuel. 

Cleaning your engine can get your fuel combustion rate back to around 75%. BOOSTplus increases that combustion rate to closer to 95%, greatly reducing unburnt fuel and limiting further Carbon deposit build up.

All Fuel Types

BOOSTplus is different from ALL additives as it is common to petrol, diesel, fuel oil an any and every other fossil fuel. 

Safe for storage and transportation

BOOSTplus is 100% natural, does not contain any chemicals, and is non-flammable. It is accepted by DHL as courier package and can also be air freighted.

Rigorous External Testing 

BOOSTplus has received a testing certification from SGS Drive Technology Center A-2320 Schwechat. The Test showed a THC reduction by 9.21% on B7 Diesel Fuel (ULSD + 7% Bio Diesel)

EN590 Standards Compliant

BOOSTplus complies with EN590 standards. This means it can be added to the fuel in all engines and generators in the market