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5 Year Battery Life on Traffic Light UPS


Intersection Roadside UPS

Client:       Siemens
Project:    Roadside UPS Cabinet
Supply:     WideTemperature UPS and Lead Crystal® Battery Systems

Siemens is the UK market leader in traffic solutions including intersection and pedestrian traffic controllers, intelligent urban traffic control systems, public transport priority and car park guidance systems.

Siemens UK has a regular requirement for wide temperature UPS solutions to integrate with their traffic intersection controller installations and provide backup power ensuring that full traffic control is maintained during mains power failures.

Solution Specifications:

  1. A UPS solution to provide 500W for 2/4/8 hours
  2. A UPS solution to provide1000W for 2/4/8 hours
  3. A UPS solution to provide 2000W for 2/4/8 hours

Following the success of the initial prototype units, Harland Simon UPS Ltd. received further orders from the traffic division of Siemens UK to supply varying UPS systems depending on the demands of the intersection.

With Harland Simon’s UPS solutions the load capacity and support times required are scalable to suit individual site requirements and can easily be retrofitted to upgrade existing sites to LED traffic signals.

For small to medium sized intersections the UPS can be accommodated in a single style cabinet consisting of a FXM wide temperature UPS and 2 x shelves of Lead Crystal® batteries, each shelf housing 4 x 55Ah front terminal batteries.

For large sites a second cabinet may be used to hold additional batteries with 3 x shelves using the same configuration as the single style cabinet.

During the design stage Harland Simon worked closely with Siemens in order to maintain brand consistency and make the system compatible with their existing cabinets so the modular framework, UPS and battery trays can be supplied in kit form and built in such a a way as to keep the configuration footprint to a minimum according to council requirements.

Scott Billson, UPS Sales Manager, said “Harland Simon and Siemens have collaborated to produce a flexible and compact UPS solution suitable for installation in new and existing traffic control systems around the UK. The solutions presented will enhance road safety and improve the traffic flow in congested urban and inter-urban areas.”

Keith Manston, Head of Product Management, Siemens plc goes on to say “The use of a high reliability, wide temperature range UPS and a Lead Crystal® battery solution has made the provision of UPS solutions at traffic intersections much more practical, offering Traffic Managers opportunities to protect against disruption being caused by mains power failures at more sites than ever before.”

FXM Wide Temperature UPS & Lead Crystal® Batteries

The FXM/Lead Crystal® battery combination is a UPS system that enables products to be fitted in outdoor applications without the need to fit expensive air conditioning/environmental control.
The UPS and battery operates at -40°C to +65°C.


  • Wide temperature UPS
  • 5 year lifetime Lead Crystal ® batteries at +50°C
  • Modular and retrofitable
  • Collaborative and custom design

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