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What is BOOSTplus?

BOOSTplus is made with 100 % natural ingredients and is a multi-functional Fuel Enhancing Supplement suitable for Petrol and Diesel Engines as well as Fuel Oil and Furnace Oil on Boilers and Furnaces. When mixed with Fossil Fuel in a 1 ml to 1 litre proportion, BOOSTplus improves combustion-process by breaking down the Hydro Carbon chain completely, thereby increasing the efficiency of the engine or process. As the Hydro Carbons are completely broken down, there is very little or practically no carbon deposits on the piston and the engine cylinder and no smoke in the process.

Additive Applications - Addressing all markets

Vehicles & Power

Heavy Plant

 Industrial Applications


 Light Industry


Heavy Industry

Oil & Gas

One Base for all Enhancers

BOOSTplus has been developed to target all types of Oil based Fossil Fuels, from lightly refined HFO through to Diesel and Petrol. 

The base ingredient is Plant material (Ester based), making BOOSTplus the most sustainable fuel saver on the market!

Why BOOSTplus Sustainable Fuel Enhancer?

Using BOOSTplus will considerably reduce emission of all gases and also increase engine/process efficiency and improve fuel savings substantially...

BOOSTplus is made from 100% Natural ingredients. We're not introducing more hazardous chemicals in order to cut emissions, we're using nature in a positive way!

Discover More

Enhancing Engine Performance

The main reason engines perform less than optimally is excessive Carbon Build Up. At lower rpm, your engine consumes less fuel, but it also allows more unburnt fuel to form as Carbon deposits inside the engine. The first step of BOOSTplus removes these deposits and gives a cleaner burn.

Petrol & Diesel

Enhancers for Marine & Industry

We use Fossil Fuels for powering almost all types of industry. From boilers that heat up the Asphalt to make our roads, to the boilers that are powering the laundry in a hotel. Here, the fuel enhancer requirements are different as it needs to give a higher fuel burn rate for higher temperature.


Enhancers for Heavy Shipping and HFO

The shipping industry is one of the biggest users of Fossil Fuels on the planet. With a large container ship using up to 220 TONS of fuel (220,000 litres) per day, a 15% saving can equate to the same as a drop in speed by 4 knots to reduce consumption. BOOSTplus fuel enhancer is a natural way to save big!

Heavy Shipping