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Hybrid Home


Home Hybrid. How does it work?

During full sunny days, Hybrid will automatically power the house and simultaneously charge the batteries. If the solar panels generate more power than the load can use and/or that can be charged to the batteries, the excess power will be sold to the power grid. When full sun is not or partly available, Hybrid distributes its energy to power the load first and send all additional power to the charge batteries.


When the batteries are fully charged, and the load is sufficiently powered, any additional power will be sold to the grid. If the solar panels can’t generate sufficient energy to power the load or charge the batteries, the grid will be engaged to power the load during off-peak times and all the power from the panels will be used to charge the batteries for use during on-peak times.


At night, when no solar power is being generated, the battery bank will power the load during peak times. If the house uses more power than the battery bank can supply to power the load for the entire night, the grid will be engaged for load support. If Hybrid determines that it would not be able to power the load from the batteries the next morning, the grid will be used at late night (off-peak time) to charge the battery bank to ensure the system can support the load during peak morning use.



Hybrid is a multi-functional energy system which allows you to become as grid independent as you want. If your home is already fitted with solar panels (PV) or a (urban) windturbine, just connect the Hybrid to your system and you will be able to store the surplus energy into the custom designed batteries.


If you are considering to start using green power resources to generate your own energy, or you just want to use Hybrid as an electricity back-up system (UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply), you will find that Hybrid can do it both.

        ...In full control

       Characteristics of the Hybrid system:


  • All-in-one system (no separate inverter, chargers or other electrical components required)
  • Battery back up available from 2,4 kWh to          260 kWh
  • Inverting power from 1 kW to 30 kW single phase and 10 kW to 60 kW 3 phase (systems can be chained together for even more power)
  • Weight +/-50kg (excl. batteries)
  • Highly flexible
  • Modular design
  • Special mobile app (optional extra)
  • Manufacturers backed warranty

Powered by Lead Crystal® Batteries High Capacity Energy Storage Solution


Higher Performance

Hybrid Home can charge up to 2x faster than VRLA based solutions

Higher Temperature

Lead Crystal® is rated to +65°C


Lasts Longer

Lead Crystal® Batteries will last between 3 and 5 times longer than VRLA. Better ROI

Easy Transportation

Classified as non-hazardous for transportation. Safe for moving.


Long Life Solution

Up to 6000 charge/discharge cycles

18 year Float service life


Lead Crystal® Batteries have no risk of leakage and no Cadmium

Lead Crystal® Batteries come with a manufacturer's 3 year factory warranty.

Hybrid Energy solutions come with a 15 year (excluding batteries) warranty

Solar panels come with a 15 year power warranty

Contact us with your power consumption details for us to work out the ROI


Hybrid Home

The 3kW, 4.8kWh single phase or 3kW 8.2kWh single phase all in one Power Generating and Power Storage solution.

220V.a.c. output, 3000W or 3200W models available

Supports up to 10 solar panels

Includes Lead Crystal® Battery technology


Honeywell Solar Panels

Solar Panel Type HON-P60W

Our 60 cells photovoltaic module offers superior durability and performance. This solar panel is very versatile. It is compact, light and suitable to fit on residential and commercial roofs and highly efficient to meet the needs of larger projects.