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Hybrid Leisure

  Hybrid Leisure


Get more out of your solar energy systems

How incredible would it be to use your own generated solar or wind power whenever you want. Or sell what you don’t use. With only the touch of a button.


Due to the special Lead Crystal® batteries, you are now able to store solar, wind or grid energy fast and safely. You can use the storage energy day or night, to run all your electric devices like TV, coffee machine, dish washer, laptop and lighting in your house. You will become less grid dependent, saving significantly on energy costs, and contribute to a greener planet.


Coming soon....

Hybrid 'Top Deck'

A ruggidized, mobile and rechargable portable solution for your leisure needs. Recharge Top Deck before you set off on your adventure. Recharge Top Deck from your vehicle's 12V adapter socket as you drive, or if you're staying a little longer, recharge Top Deck from solar panels.

Ideal for hairdryers, straighteners, crimpers, curlers and irons!

....Top Deck, you might not want to tell her you have it!

 (please let me know when Top Deck is shipping)

Powered by Lead Crystal® Batteries High Capacity Energy Storage Solution


Higher Temperature

Lead Crystal® is rated to +65°C


Lasts Longer

Lead Crystal® will last between 3 and 5 times longer than VRLA

Easy Transportation

Classified as non-hazardous for transportation. Safe for moving.



Lead Crystal® Batteries have no risk of leakage and no Cadmium

Lead Crystal® Batteries come with a manufacturer's 3 year factory warranty.


Hybrid Leisure

The 2.4kW or 3kW all in one Power Generating and Power Storage solution.

220V.a.c. output, 2400W or 3000W models available

Supports up to 5 solar panels

Includes Lead Crystal® Battery technology


Honeywell Solar Panels

Solar Panel Type HON-P60W

Our 60 cells photovoltaic module offers superior durability and performance. This solar panel is very versatile. It is compact, light and suitable to fit on residential and commercial roofs and highly efficient to meet the needs of larger projects.