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Hybrid TOWER & Hybrid WALL


Hybrid Tower and Hybrid Wall

For bigger applications and higher output loads (large Villa, Telecom Base Station or Industrial applications), Hybrid Tower offers a unique complete solution.

Chose from Hybrid Tower 5 KW single phase or Hybrid Tower 10 KW three phase.

All models come with our Lead Crystal Batteries for the best power storage solution.

Daisy Chain Hybrid Tower to produce up to 43.2 KWh

*Don't forget, you can manage the system with an optional SNMP management card and WiFi module

Powered by Lead Crystal® Batteries High Capacity Energy Storage Solution


Higher Performance

Hybrid Home can charge up to 2x faster than VRLA based solutions

Higher Temperature

Lead Crystal® is rated to +65°C


Lasts Longer

Lead Crystal® Batteries will last between 3 and 5 times longer than VRLA. Better ROI

Easy Transportation

Classified as non-hazardous for transportation. Safe for moving.


Long Life Solution

Up to 6000 charge/discharge cycles

18 year Float service life


Lead Crystal® Batteries have no risk of leakage and no Cadmium

Lead Crystal® Batteries come with a manufacturer's 3 year factory warranty.

Hybrid Energy solutions come with a 15 year (excluding batteries) warranty

Solar panels come with a 15 year power warranty

Contact us with your power consumption details for us to work out the ROI


Hybrid Tower & Wall

Single phase or 3 phase all in one Power Generating and Power Storage solution.

220V.a.c. output, 10,000W models available. Up to 43,200W storage capacity!

Supports up to 50 solar panels

Includes Lead Crystal® Battery technology


Honeywell Solar Panels

Solar Panel Type HON-P60W

Our 60 cells photovoltaic module offers superior durability and performance. This solar panel is very versatile. It is compact, light and suitable to fit on residential and commercial roofs and highly efficient to meet the needs of larger projects.