Betta Batteries Middle East

THE REGION'S LEADING provider of Lead Crystal® Batteries


Guaranteed quality

Each battery comes with 3 year factory warranty as standard

Long shelf life

Can be stored 2 years, no refresh

Simplified logistics

Long battery life

Up to 6000 cycles (20% DOD)

Float service life up to 18 years


Better performance

Charge up to 2x faster than VRLA

Excellent high-current discharge

Easy transportation

Classified as Non-hazardous

Allowed as air-freight

Full recovery

Can be 100% discharged

Restore to full capacity daily


Extreme temperature resistance

Operates at temperatures from -40°C to +65°C


No risk of leakage, less harmful chemicals, less fluids

99% Recyclable

Up to 99% of materials recyclable

Increased sustainability

Lead Crystal Batteries are high performing  

Robustresilient, high performing. Lead Crystal® Batteries can be discharged deeper, cycled more often (even in extreme temperatures) and have a longer service life compared to lead acid, lead gel and AGM batteries.  Lead Crystal® batteries recover to full rated capacity over and over again

Lead Crystal Batteries are versatile in application  

Lead Crystal® Batteries are being used in all industries where conventional lead based batteries like lead acid, lead gel and AGM batteries are used. A few of industries include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • UPS
  • Mobility
  • Oil & Gas

  • UPS
  • Power backups
  • Solar energy
  • Solar Lighting
  • Electricity Providers

  • Renewable energy
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Defence
  • Marine
  • Health Care 




2 Volt Batteries

Our highest capacity, single cell Lead Crystal® Batteries offer exceptional performance in difficult environments. Suitable for Deep Discharge applications, such as Solar Storage, Telecoms Base Station Cycling, Electricity Sub Station Switchgear Backup (110V), Generator/ Battery Hybrid or for Datacentre / NOC UPS Backup solutions.

With capacities from 200Ah to 3000Ah, our 2V range bridges the high temperature performance gap between traditional VRLA and more expensive solutions such as Ni-Cad. With a design life of 18yrs, Cycling at 1500+ cycles at 80% DOD and with a 2 year shelf life, Lead Crystal® Batteries will save CAPEX and OPEX in any application.


6 Volt Batteries

Suitable for use in many UPS, Emergency Lighting, Fire and Intruder detection panels, Home Alarm systems, Kids Electric Cars and thousands of other applications, our popular 6V range comes in a variety of sizes from 4Ah through to a massive 200Ah.

Although the sizes are the same as most commonly used batteries, Lead Crystal® Batteries are typically 10% heavier than a comparable good quality Sealed Lead Acid battery. This is because we have more, purer lead, a thicker cell connecting bar for smoother power delivery and more power packed inside. 

12 Volt Batteries

With a comprehensive range of 12V batteries, Lead Crystal® Batteries will have solution to fit your needs. Don't worry if you can't see the same size battery you are using right now as Lead Crystal® Batteries will deliver more power with a smaller battery form factor. 

  • More Power, Longer Life, Higher Charge Efficiency, Longer Run Time & High Heat Resilience 

Always check the weight of a battery when comparing Lead based batteries - the higher the weight usually equals more lead and higher performance. With the price of lead having the biggest effect on Battery price, it's a great way to gauge how long your battery will last for and how much power it will deliver.



Light Traction - Electric Vehicle Batteries

Lead Crystal® Batteries light traction range of 'EV' batteries cover all popular Light Traction battery sizes. With a form factor designed to match existing Lead Acid/ GEL/ AGM common battery sizes, you can have confidence that Lead Crystal® Batteries have been designed to give more power, longer run time, longer life, higher temperature resilience and greater charge efficiency than you've experienced before. With a price closer to Lead Acid and performance like Lithium, we can safely say that we have produced a battery with the lowest TCO and Ah Warranty on the market. 

Suitable for use in Golf Carts, Hospitality Buggies, High performance utility vehicles, Electric Boats, Commercial Vehicles like stock movers/ flatbeds and more.




Light Traction - Industrial, Cleaning & Mobility

With a whole range of batteries dedicated to the fast initial power draw requirements of heavy duty Electric Motors, our batteries not only last longer, they also protect the equipment you're connecting by giving smoother power delivery and lower resistance. Suitable for use in High Temperatures and Partial State of Charge (PSC), Lead Crystal® Batteries have the advantage when put to work in 'real' applications. 

Suitable for use in a wide range of Electric Vehicles, Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Cleaning Machines, Scissor Lifts, Carts, Kids Cars and more.


Telecoms Batteries

A dedicated range of batteries for Telecoms use and applications. With 12V 100Ah, 155Ah, 170Ah, 180Ah and 190Ah Front Terminal (FT) batteries, Lead Crystal® Batteries are delivering OPEX reduction, Longer life, lowest TCO and High Heat tolerance to Operators throughout Asia, Africa and Europe - Now we're bringing this 10 year old technology to the Middle East. This is not new technology - It's new here!

We've been showing how 12V Lead Crystal® batteries can exceed the performance and life of any existing 'Telecoms' battery available and you can turn your AC off!

With a full range of 2V single cell batteries in very high capacities available as well, for Hybrid / Solar/ Deep Cycle applications - or as a long life and heavy duty theft deterrent!