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    From concept, through design, to PARTNERSHIPS. Managed Power is more than a product, it's an ECOSYSTEM

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From business concept, through design, manufacture, deployment and operation, let Selcoms' experience in Manager Power solutions guide your solution design and operation. 


Solution design starts with matching products to the specific clients needs. What are the key business drivers? Lower Fuel consumption? Flexible power? Solar Power? Difficult to reach sites?  We design from end to start and back to end again! 


When designing a Managed Power solution, Quality is key. This is one time when it's definitely NOT all about the price. Your hardware costs might be double the closest competitor, but if you're more reliable, your OPEX can be less than half


From Manufacture to Operation, a Managed Power solution must cover the SLA, KPI's and Warranties from build until contract end. This requires a flexible and scale-able management platform and industry experienced staff to maintain the ERP. 


When working on SLA's and T.C.O. (Total Cost of Ownership) the key to OPEX reduction is as few visits to site as possible. Reducing the OPEX burden is fundamental.  A highly skilled O&M operation is a necessity.

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Reliable Engines

Powerful Batteries

Quality Manufacturing Partners 

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Unrivaled Product, Network, Site & SLA Management

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