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In the Heat of Summer - Trial 2, Abras

When summer arrives in the U.A.E, it brings with it some unique business challenges to the Hospitality market. Running tours/ service on battery operated equipment in 48°C heat is just one such challenge, but keeping the batteries in operation and safely charging is another. There are a few options for different types of batteries on the market - with Lithium-Ion accepted as one of the best 'new comers', but they come with potential fire risk and the possibility of battery explosion under charge/ discharge when operated in extreme heat as serious considerations.

Lead Crystal® Batteries use the same form factor, chargers and controllers as existing VRLA/ GEL/ AGM batteries and give the added benefit of extreme heat resilience, longer life and longer run time.

In trials we have conducted through summer, we replaced 16 X Trojan T1275 (120Ah) batteries with just 12 x Lead Crystal® Batteries 6-EVFJ-150 (150Ah) Light Traction batteries. The results were stunning. From a charge time of 6- 8hrs and a run time of 6-7hrs per charge, we're now seeing charge time of 5hrs, run time of 15-17hrs, and we're able to give a 3 year unlimited Ah warranty! Lowest TCO guaranteed!


Lead Crystal® Batteries go below deck


Installing Lead Crystal® Batteries


In the Heat of Summer - Trial 1, Solar Lighting at Masdar City

One of the biggest advantages of Lead Crystal® Batteries is how they handle heat. Where better to put the heat tolerance properties to the test than in one of the hottest places on earth, the U.A.E during the heat of summer.

With loss of life attributed to heat of only 13% for every 10°C above 25°C, compared to VRLA/AGM/GEL loss of life of around 50% for every 7-8°C, Lead Crystal® Batteries last longer, much longer, in difficult environments. 

With more than double the number of cycles/ life of the best of Pure Lead batteries at 25°C, it's easy to understand how we can be confident in giving our 3 year unlimited Ah warranty to 80% DOD

The trial is based on 2 X 12V (6-CNFJ-100Ah) batteries, working to 20% DOD per cycle and with autonomy of 3 days should there not be enough sun to charge.

 Expected battery life 8yrs

20th May, 2017 - Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates

ANIXTER MIDDLE EAST appointed as Lead Crystal® Batteries Distribution Specialists for the Middle East region.

Anixter Middle East have entered into agreement with Betta Batteries MENASA (Selcoms-DWC) to Distribute and Represent Lead Crystal® Batteries - Powered by Bettta Batteries, in the MENASA region. With an impressive and extensive client base across the region, Anixter is a leading global supplier of communications and security products and electrical and electronic wire and cable. Anixter helps its customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions around technologies, applications and relevant standards.

Lead Crystal® Batteries, Hybrid Energy Storage solutions and Lead Crystal® Containerised storage are seen as the perfect new product addition to Anixter Middle East's portfolio




In the Heat of Summer! - Lead Crystal® Battery news

9th June 2017 - Augusta Golf Cars announce LC TEC 

Lead Crystal Technology originally developed in the 50's by the US military has been commercialised by Betta Batteries with 5 exclusive patented technological innovations. Lead Crystal batteries were developed to overcome the fundamental flaws of Lead Acid, Gel and AGM batteries such as plate sulfation, active material loss, high water loss, acid pollution, short life cycle and poor transport safety.

Augusta Golf Cars and Betta Batteries International have partnered to provide a battery pack and a LCBM (Lead Crystal Battery Monitor) in order to circumvent the issues encountered when using Lead Acid batteries. Many hours of testing have proven the batteries to be robust, high performance, extremely efficient and able to deliver high capacities without performance degradation.

The batteries are constructed from 99.97% pure lead and use a unique electrolyte that is crystallised offering an extremely safe, non-hazardous sealed battery that requires zero maintenance, has extremely low sulfation and plate loss.

Due to the chemistry of the battery they have extremely low self-discharge parameters resulting in a long shelf life and simplified logistics, have a very wide operating temperature range, are 99% recyclable and come with a standard 3 year warranty with an additional 2 years offered if used in the Fleet environment with a LCMB.

The LCBM is a state of the art device capable of monitoring a number of parameters which are uploaded to the cloud. This information is available to the user via a web based application where the state of the vehicles battery voltage and current consumption, charge history, and the number of rounds played can be viewed. Any parameters that fall outside of pre-set criteria will trigger an email message to any number of recipients who can respond accordingly. The concept of repairing vehicles before they break now becomes a reality. 

LC tec series RXV's have proven to be 20% more efficient than competitor vehicles, require zero maintenance, come with a 5 Year unlimited amp hour warranty, are ecofriendly and provide consistent performance.

Contact your local Lead Crystal® Batteries / EZ-GO Distributor, Luxury Carts Arabia, to hear how we're impacting the MENASA region too! 

20th January, 2017 - Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

LUXURY CARTS ARABIA appointed as Lead Crystal® Batteries - Powered by Betta Batteries, Light Traction Distribution Specialists for the U.A.E region. 

Providing Golf, Utility, Transportation and Power Sports Vehicles to the Golf, Commercial, Industrial and Retail Industry, Luxury Carts Arabia vehicles are electric, gasoline or diesel powered. As an authorized distributor of Ransomes Jacobsen they are the suppliers of E-Z-GO, Jacobsen, Cushman, Iseki and Bad Boy Buggies for the UAE. Luxury Carts Arabia take pride in providing the highest quality products and services to their customers.
With the traditional Light Traction replacement battery market cornered by Trojan batteries T105, T125, T145, T875 and T1275 models, Luxury Carts Arabia are seeking to drive different battery technology that has the lowest TCO, highest performance, longest life and longest run time, at a price that is a fraction of the cost of more expensive emerging Lithium-Ion alternatives.

26th August 2016

Hybrid Energy declared winner 2016 in the Energy Storage Industry

The National Business Success Award is awarded to organizations that have achieved excellent results in their industry and serve as an example of successful entrepreneurship. 

According to the institute, Hybrid Energy developed in a relatively short time into a leading organization with a strong positioning in the Energy Storage industry: “Hybrid Energy combines its vast expertise in the field of batteries with an innovative approach, resulting in high scores on customer satisfaction. An innovative company with a unique solution to the issue of energy for many applications.”