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long lifetime, long runtime and high security on availability of power means fewer batteries to switch out, less maintenance, deep discharge possibility without quality loss, high cycle life and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures (saving on installing expensive additional air-conditioning) will give you an excellent value proposition.


Fast pay back and low TCO

With a deeper DOD, the size battery you need is now lower than you think!

To get 200Ah output with VRLA @ 50% DOD, you need 2 x 200Ah batteries

With Lead Crystal®, working to the same number of cycles at higher DOD, you would need 2 x 130Ah @ 80% DOD to give you the same storage and discharge capacity.


Smaller batteries for the same output capacity and less cooling...

With better perforance than VRLA with higher operating temperatures, spend less money powering your AC to cool your batteries and save fuel and energy. With more cycles and higher DOD than Lead Acid batteries at 40°C, the Total Cost of Ownership of Lead Crystal® Energy storage solutions is the lowest per KWh.


The CNFJ range – this is our standard range and is used for multiple applications like solar & wind energy, energy storage, UPS or back-up power, stand-alone power for military and medical applications, rail solutions, etc.  The 2V cell has been specifically designed for large industrial battery banks that need to provide a high level of consistency and reliability with capacities running up to 3000Ah per cell.
The CNFT range – designed to meet telecoms specifications with standard 19″ telecoms racking dimensions and front terminals therefore making them easy to connect in series and easy access for maintenance and checks.
The HCNFJ range – one of the newest in our range, the 6-HCNFJ-7.2 has been specifically designed for UPS’s that need high power output for short autonomies.  We now supply the increased capacity 9.0Ah battery but within the same 7.2Ah casing.


A complete range for all Telco applications - with the flexibility of Front Terminal, Top terminal or putting the battery on its side!

Longer, Deeper, Faster and more often... with 100% recovery 2x as quick!

12V Telecom range with front facing terminals



55Ah @ C10

L277mm x W106mm x H225mm
kg 16.8


90Ah @ C10

L390mm x W108mm x H286mm
kg 34.5


100Ah @ C10

L560mm x W125mm x H228mm
kg 34.5


155Ah @ C10
L559mm x W125mm x H283mm
kg 16.8



170Ah @ C10

L546mm x W125mm x H320mm
kg 50


180Ah @ C10
L546mm x W125mm x H320mm
kg 51


190Ah @ C10

L546mm x W125mm x H320mm
kg 51

CNFJ Stationery range - for UPS or Base Station Backup banks

The CNFJ range of Lead Crystal® batteries can be used for applications where power is necessary only on a UPS standby or emergency basis referred to as Reserve Power.

Where the EVFJ range of batteries is designed for quick deep discharge the CNFJ battery is the complete opposite as energy storage batteries for UPS are infrequently discharged and often remain on a continuous float charge so are ‘ready and waiting’ for immediate use if the mains power fails.

A growing practice, particularly within the datacentre sector is to draw down the energy stored in the UPS batteries during times of peak power demand and recharge them at night when demand on the electricity grid is less and therefore cheaper.

The CNFJ is ideal as a UPS battery for these applications, form-fit-function designed to replace the standard VRLA battery or GEL battery where extreme temperatures are present and greater longer lasting performance is demanded.

Traditionally, batteries have a 5 year design life in temperatures between 0°C and 20°C but when situated in higher or colder temperatures then the life of standard storage batteries is greatly reduced, but our CNFJ battery lasts 6 x longer at 40°C which is 7½ years versus 1¼ years for a standard battery.

This technology of battery is commonly used for UPS & critical lighting applications providing emergency backup power and also used in DC systems including telecommunications equipment.

The Lead Crystal® battery stores electrical energy for times of peak power demand.

 Product TypeRated VoltageAh 10 hrs rateWeight in KgLWHTotal HData sheet 

Guaranteed quality

Each battery comes with 3 year factory warranty as standard

Long shelf life

Can be stored 2 years, no refresh

Simplified logistics

Long battery life

Up to 6000 cycles (20% DOD)

Float service life up to 18 years


Better performance

Charge up to 2x faster than VRLA

Excellent high-current discharge

Easy transportation

Classified as Non-hazardous

Allowed as air-freight

Full recovery

Can be 100% discharged

Restore to full capacity daily


Extreme temperature resistance

Operates at temperatures from -40°C to +65°C


No risk of leakage, less harmful chemicals, less fluids

99% Recyclable

Up to 99% of materials recyclable

Increased sustainability