Betta Batteries Middle East


Why Lead Crystal Technology?

To overcome the fundamental flaws of lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries, such as plate sulphation, active material loss, high water loss rate, serious acid pollution, poor low temperature performance, short life cycle, poor transport safety, and other inherent problems, Betta Batteries successfully developed Lead Crystal® batteries. Our Unique proprietary technology has allowed us to develop a battery that doesn't solve the problems around Lead Acid, gel and AGM batteries, it eliminates them!

Betta Batteries Hong Kong is the Only manufacturing facility of Lead Crystal® batteries worldwide

Patented Technology


With a handful of Patents developed by our clever Chief Scientist, we're making sure our technology stays unique. 

When you begin to analyse a Lead Crystal® Battery, you start to realise that the similarities to traditional Pure Lead batteries stops with the case!

From the image on the right, showing a clear cased Lead Crystal® Battery, you can start to appreciate the thought and development that has gone into making, and keeping, our batteries unique


Where Lead Crystal® Battery technology is different...

 Super Absorbent Mat (SAM) Our Patented SAM soaks up the electrolyte. Unlike AGM (glass is an insulator), our mat combines with the electrolyte, giving a unique low internal resistance
Pure Lead Plates / Paste
 Our Patented Lead Plate design allows for the most effective power flow from positive to negative. With strength added in a special alloy, this is one reason our batteries are at least 10% heavier than regular Lead Acid

<5% Sulphuric Acid Electrolyte 
 Our Patented Electrolyte is almost as secretive as the recipe for Cola or the Colonel's chicken. With the make up strictly guarded, what we can tell you is that we have succeeded in producing a much safer battery, with a 85%+ reduction in harmful chemicals

Heavy Duty Busbar
 What good is amazing performance if you can't get the power out of the battery? By using more Lead on the Busbar and a special process to add the high quality connectors, it's no surprise that we're able to deliver more power, more smoothly. This leads to much longer 'run time' 

Crystalized Electrolyte 
 The best part of all! After the first charge and certainly by the time our batteries reach you, the Electrolyte has crystalized. This means virtually no liquid, which in turn means minimal evaporation, minimal sulphation, no liquid to heat up on charge or discharge, all of which extends battery life!