It's time we gave trees a helping hand!

Planting trees is a great initiative. But with BOOSTplus we like to give the trees a little helping hand. Cutting #carbonemissions by 15 to 20% means they don’t have to work as hard. And with the cash you save, you could also plant a few more! #addBOOSTplus#sustainableenergy.

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BOOST+ Trials in Mahooosive Rock Truck 

"We want to do a trial" they said. "How big is the vehicle?" we said. "Big enough to burn 25 liters an hour!" they said. Well, we've been trialing. Stage 1 clean up complete and we're already seeing more than 8% saving.   

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Lead Crystal® Batteries - Powered by Betta Batteries, are currently the only Lead Crystal Battery that has IEC and CE certification. Certification is a difficult process. In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Batteries get turned away at the dock if you can't supply the correct Manufacturer's COO and Certifi...

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BOOST+ Goes the length of the UAE

From 1.4 km/l to 1.9 km/l is a result our aggregate transportation company seems quite pleased with. This was even with an increase to vehicle idle time due to the long hot U.A.E summer. 4 transport companies, 4 success stories over 18%. 

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Water you waiting for?

We're almost at the end of 2 week BOOST+ trials with a leading water production and distribution company, here in the UAE. The target is to reduce consumption by more than 8%. to find out how we did!

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