• Heavy Shipping needs a heavyweight additive

    BOOST+ HFO and MGO additives significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. You may not need that scrubber unit after all! 

  • Reduce your Boiler Fuel Consumption

  • For All Diesel Fired Boilers

    BOOST+ M is the perfect solution for Boiler Fuel consumption reduction in Asphalt plants. 

  • Big Fuel Tanks need big savings...

    The business case for BOOST+ Additive in shipping is clear! 15% fuel consumption reduction is worth more than you can fathom! 

  • Industrial Grade Additive 

    BOOST+ for industry is an additive specifically formulated for better burn rates, allowing boilers to reach temperature quicker.

Boost+ For Shipping & Industry is on the way...

Please bear with us as we build this page packed full of knowledge and resources. 

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