BOOSTplus Biofuel Stands With Ukraine

03.03.22 06:29 AM

Board resolution passed to immediately cease supply to Russia

After an extra-ordinary Board and Shareholders meeting, the decision has been made to terminate all agreements to supply BOOSTplus Biofuel to Russia with immediate effect. This action will remove the possibility of diesel fuel power advantage to the Russian Military & Supply Logistics.

Further, throughout the conflict, we have agreed with our partners to supply BOOSTplus Biofuel at cost to Ukraine to support their Military, Legitimate Government & Civilians throughout the ongoing conflict, for as long as the occupation lasts. BOOSTplus Biofuel produces more power (15-20% greater range & increased performance) for the same fuel and reduces emissions by 60-80%. Let's give every advantage we can. 

#westandwithukraine for more details of how you can join us in supporting the Ukrainian people or if you can assist with distribution logistics on the ground.